Technology Needs to Work With You:

There are lots of solutions out there that claim to save time, reduce costs and increase speed of delivery. Before we make any recommendations we want to know the answers to these questions:

> What are your organization’s short and long term goals?

> What’s your pain/what’s currently holding you back from achieving those goals?

> What is your current process and how is it working for you?

> What currently exists in your infrastructure that can be utilized moving forward?

Based on your feedback we’ll seek a solution that fits your needs. Whether it’s hardware, software, process modification or a combination of the three, recommendations will be founded on your unique situation.

Technology Services:

Technology Audit

The purpose of the technology audit is to conduct an in-depth, detailed review of your infrastructure including equipment, network and security measures against your overall goals to achieve the following:

1. The best and most efficient use of technology that already exists  within your organization.

2. Integration of resources where applicable to increase internal efficiency and/or the organization’s ability to service clients better.

3. Recommended upgrades with a longer shelf life because they are aligned with future goals of the organization.

> Network Solutions

Where is your data stored and how are users accessing it? We can provide complete end-to-end networking solutions.

> Recommendations – we’ll provide options on equipment within your budget or a phased in approach to grow with you.

> Procurement of equipment – we’ll take care of ordering the proper equipment and ensuring it is in good working order so that you don’t have to.

> Installation – we work with you to determine an installation schedule to achieve the least amount of interruption to your organization as possible.

> Testing – we’ll ensure everything is up and running so that you can be too.

> Training – technology is only as good as it is used. We’ll assist in getting your team up to speed on how to use the new system.

 > Ongoing Technology Support

We can be there for you on an ongoing basis to:

> Respond to issues and fix remotely or at your site.

> Troubleshoot issues before they arise.

> Maintain a healthy infrastructure over time.

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