Website Development

Your website is a virtual presentation of who you are. It is also the only medium in which you can both create an expectation in the marketplace and deliver on it all in the same place. We understand that it is an important tool in your overall marketing approach and operational framework. For this reason we take care to really understand what role your website will take on and how it will align with your current and future goals.

Our process for website development:

1. Planning
2. Mapping/Content
3. Design
4. Programming

We can work with a variety of platforms to build your site depending on how interactive you need it to be and how much control you require over your own content. We’ll provide recommendations based on what will work for you in the short and long term.

A couple samples of our work:

Pesce Foods

Tri-Star Woodworks

CHCP Elevator
Venezie Condo

what our clients have to say…

“Static Interactive has helped us grow and understand the marketing concepts of business. They have always kept our clients top of mind and have made them first in everything we do.”